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Wanted: Superheroes of all shapes and sizes to take down giant rampaging tentacle monsters - See Hollow for details
You are now among like-minded people who love avant-garde artistry, kindness, and have a strong dislike for normalcy. For the next couple of weeks, consider us all one family – albeit a highly dysfunctional family that has a weird fetish for kale and changing the world in unique ways. So remember to support your brothers and sisters, without forgetting that you’re going to whoop their butts in scavenging.
Sign ups close in 2 Weeks!!
Third rule when scavenging: wild boars are generally not amicable to warm oily “hoof-rubs.” When performing such an endeavor, ensure you are wearing the proper uniform and nipple guards.
We are sorry to announce that for the safety of all participants, this year is going to have to be a “no kidney bean/no ice-cream sherbet” event. While we are loath to remove any ice-cream-related product from anyone’s diet for an entire week, our lawyers insist that this is a necessary precaution given the current state of the zodiac. As we cannot monitor all participants for the entirety of the hunt, we request that you spy on one another on our behalf in order to insure compliance. Please report any infractions to
After much deliberation, we’ve decided that for this year’s Hunt, it will be permitted but only as long as it is “sketched in charcoal and presented with appropriate ceremony” prior to actually feeling it. Note that euphoria and joy are separate (though not dissimilar) feelings and that there are no restrictions on joy.
Collaboration with any of the following is strongly encouraged: imaginary friends, your teammates and their respective imaginary friends, enthusiastic pets, and everyone may collaborate with Bob. But only the Bob I’m thinking of.
Submission Secret Tip #5 – Make the judges laugh. We didn’t order all of these adult-diapers for nothing. Our Judges like granting points to people with a good sense of humor. One of them also enjoys creating sky-scraper models with coughed-up cat hairballs, but we digress.
Imagine if your entire world existed inside of your cheek. Be sure to have a maid clean the place up a bit before I drop by.
Advice - Be precise. Be creative. Be courageous. Be shameless. Be GISHWHES
After much deliberation, we’ve decided that for this year’s Hunt, it will be permitted but only as long as it is “sketched in charcoal and presented with appropriate ceremony” prior to actually feeling it. Note that euphoria and joy are separate (though not dissimilar) feelings and that there are no restrictions on joy.
This year, gishwhes is trying to clean up its image. Therefore, for the duration of the hunt, sideburns must be cut to no longer than 5 inches in length, all mustaches must be waxed with mustache wax and, of course, please keep the backs of your hands closely shaven and your right pinky fingernails painted blue. Also, the Executive Dental Undersecretary to the Surgeon General has advised us that during the hunt, participants floss thrice daily
Who has been storing their pistachios in my clothes hamper?
Commandment 7. Decency - This Hunt has no tolerance for either decency or self-respect. If you have either, leave them at the door. You will be reborn with a new sense of decency and respect we like to call, “Abnosomeness” (i.e. abnormally awesome.)
Kale. That is all.

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 Things I think Ell, Jae and I (with others) might be able to do

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Commander Kale

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PostSubject: Things I think Ell, Jae and I (with others) might be able to do   Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:35 am

5 - IMAGE. You and your four friends are a five-headed monster with all of your heads poking out of one collar of a giant shirt. Now do yard work. 32 POINTSSubmit
sounds easy enough...

9 - VIDEO (time-lapse 20 seconds). Assemble a puzzle with a minimum of 50 pieces in one sitting. The video must show the box with more than 50 pieces and then you putting the puzzle together. For ease of assembly you must be wearing wool mittens or gloves throughout the assembly of the puzzle. 28 POINTSSubmit

16 -IMAGE. A family of at least four enjoying a formal dinner. All of the place settings, serving utensils, dishes - basically every non-food item above the tablecloth - must be made from Legos. 63 POINTSSubmit
might be able to get my sister and her family in on this.

17 - IMAGE. You are off to a most elegant formal evening gala. Disaster strikes! Your outfit is ruined! Dress yourself in an outfit fit for such an evening, using only items found in your bathroom. -Hutchinson 49 POINTSSubmit
our bathroom is littered with JUNK - this would be easy

19 - VIDEO (8 seconds). Stand in front of a recognizable landmark or monument, wear something magnificent, and in whatever your native language is, complete the following sentence: "Gishwhes makes me feel_____" 28 POINTSSubmit
opera house or harbour bridge

23 - IMAGE. Facts: (1) Orlando Jones's father played for the Philadelphia Phillies, (2) Orlando's first acting experiences involved playing a werewolf in a haunted house, and (3) Orlando is currently starring in "Sleepy Hollow". Let's see you, dressed as a werewolf baseball player, riding a horse while holding a sign that reads, "We are all Orlando!"36 POINTSSubmit
i love costumes so why not - we can TRY XD

28 - IMAGE. Stage a mini-newspaper boat regatta in a public fountain with at least four competing vessels. We must see intense competitiveness and gambling. 23 POINTSSubmit
consider it done

29 - IMAGE. If you’re like me, you’re sick of the go-to barista foam-art. If I have to sip at another latte adorned with a fern or clover shape, I’m going to cry. Let's see the Elopus professionally recreated in the foam of a café’s hot drink. 24 POINTSSubmit
everyone should order a coffee and try this for fun

34 - IMAGE. Well done! You've just managed to catch a rare "Popcorn Child Monster" on camera. 27 POINTSSubmit
its simple, we make the popcorn, we cover raven in the popcorn, we take pics of the popcorn, then we eat the popcorn. everyone wins

35 - IMAGE. Suck blood from a doughnut. 10 POINTSSubmit
jam donut + vampire fangs and a cape

37 - IMAGE. “When I grow up, I want to be...” Have a child dress up as what they want to be when they grow up (lawyer, doctor, ballerina, dragon-slayer, etc.). Then stage the photo in the environment they would be working in. 61 POINTSSubmit
i bet raven wants to be a wrestler or something. or my nephew wants to be a digimon tamer XD

42 - IMAGE or VIDEO. Some regions have legendary monsters like the Loch Ness Monster in Loch Ness, Scotland or the Abominable Snowman in... well, wherever that creature lurks. Catch the mystery monster on camera that haunts your hometown. 41 POINTSSubmit
either a yowie or the mythical black panther of rivo XD

48 - IMAGE. Four people use their bodies to form a table. Enjoy an elegant dinner for two at this body table. -Carianne Steinman29 POINTSSubmit
this is easy - unless someone else grabs it first we can probably do it

54 - IMAGE. Covering your unmentionables with something you deem appropriate, how many clothespins can you fit (pinched) on the rest of your body? We know; it hurts. We’re sorry, but no pain, no gain! 32 POINTSSubmit

56 - IMAGE (two images edited side-by-side). Find someone with the exact same name as you who lives in another state, province, or country. We must see two photos together: the two faces and two ID cards with all private/contact information blacked out except for your names and birth dates. 18 POINTSSubmit
we have a Jessica Smith - should be easy

58 - IMAGE. Register to be a bone marrow donor: you could save a child’s life or someone’s mom’s life. As a sign of solidarity on this item, I (Misha) pledge to register to be a bone-marrow donor myself during the week of the hunt. This item requires you filling out a form, receiving a "cheek swab test" in the mail, and mailing it back in. The registration process cannot be completed in just one week, but if you show us the photo of your online registration confirmation or email, you will qualify for points on this item. ONLY do this item if you're serious about going through with the whole process. There are certain requirements, which you must meet (for example, if you are too overweight or have certain health or psychological issues, you cannot be a donor). Also, before proceeding, you should know that the process is much more involved than donating blood. So, if you choose to do this item, don't lie about your weight, health or willingness to follow through. If, in the future, you do get selected as a donor match (a very very very slim chance - on average less than 1/2 of 1%), and you turn it down, you will be incurring terrible karma and may be harming someone and their family. Even though we consider this one of the more valuable items on the list we are assigning a low point value to it. Really this item is not about points, it's about trying to help a stranger. We need to see a screenshot of your application. Each application will be worth 3 points. If you edit several screenshots into one image of you and your teammate's applications, we will grant 3 points for each application for up to 10 applications making this item worth between 3 and 30 points.3 POINTSSubmit
i am doing this as soon as i finish this post. y'all should too _>; >

65 - VIDEO. Let’s see The Flash stuck behind commuters on an escalator. Quintuple points if your Flash is portrayed by Grant Gustin himself. 49 POINTSSubmit
Flash is almost as cool as Deadpool

69 - IMAGE (one image with 15 images edited into it). An image of each of the members of your team in Brady-Bunch style grid format. Photos should be mug-shot style with each team member holding a black and white sign stating their city and country of residence.72 POINTSSubmit
everyone has to do this *hollow has done hers*

74 - IMAGE. Be the messiah you were always meant to be. Walk on water (must be a lake or pool). We must not see anything under your feet except for water. Not that we need to say this, but: no photoshopping!56 POINTSSubmi
can attempt

80 - IMAGE. Supernatural nail art. With Glitter. On hairy toes. - Natalie Springhart 19 POINTSSubmi
my toes are pretty hairy

83 - IMAGE. The writers and producers of the TV series, “Supernatural”, sometimes pretend they don’t like the limelight. Of course this is false-modesty. Immortalize one of them with a stately portrait done in sidewalk chalk art. 18 POINTSSubmit
i could try this. jensen is a director now, does that count?

88 - IMAGE. Make a mosaic Elopus, 2 meters in diameter, made entirely of natural objects (i.e. no plastic, human-made materials, only leaves, rocks, dirt, flowers, wood, etc). 27 POINTSSubmit
if no one else wants to, we can do this easy

92 - IMAGE. Forgive someone with whom you have been holding a grudge against. 18 POINTSSubmit
this one will probably be a tear jerker

97 - VIDEO (30 seconds, edited). Have the proprietor of a crowded sports bar turn off all the televisions. Then, you must serenade the patrons with a song accompanied by an acoustic guitar. The video must show the proprietor turning off the TVs, and the patrons’ reactions as you (and a friend if you wish) sing the song. 74 POINTSSubmit
myself and ell can sing carry on wayward son to all the peeps in a bar with ells dad XD maybe. depends.

98 - VIDEO. Act/dress like a mannequin, shrub or a trashcan in a shopping center. Suddenly come to life and scare a passing consumer by shouting, “GISHWHES!” 56 POINTSSubmi

99 - IMAGE. Zombies need to buy toilet paper too, right? What does that transaction look like? 67 POINTSSubmi

105 - IMAGE. You’ve heard of Ronald Reagan’s "Trickle-down Economics"? The idea is that when rich people get richer, they spend more money doing things like getting their nails done and having their Porches waxed, and that in turn creates more jobs for pedicurist and car washers and other lower income families. Show us what trickle-down ice-cream-onomics looks like: One person on top, messily eating an enormous, melting Sunday, with two people on the floor below, trying to catch the drippings in their mouths as they fall. This needs to be a real mess. 38 POINTSSubmit
Doing this TODAY

109 - IMAGE. Obviously, everyone’s favorite Captain of the USS Enterprise was Jean-Luc Picard. Create a heroic Captain Picard using condiments (mustard, relish, ketchup, etc.) for paint. 19 POINTSSubmit

118 - VIDEO. More Youtube videos should be close-captioned. Using YouTube’s close-captioning, close-caption one of the videos you submitted for another item. It must have significant dialogue in it. - Kim Palmer 26 POINTSSubmit
anyone can do this to our vids

119 - VIDEO. “Jump the shark”. You will be penalized if you are bitten or eaten by a shark, so plan accordingly. (Liberal interpretations of this item are encouraged.) 21 POINTSSubmit
sydney aquarium has a walk through tunnel tank with sharks. if we time it right we can jump over one as they swim under us.

121 - IMAGE (edited side-by-side image). Challenge a movie theater employee: If you beat them in an arm-wrestling competition, they have to give you a free ticket. If they beat you, you’ll buy one. Either way, you get to see a movie. The images should be of you arm-wrestling across the counter and then you enjoying your movie. 40 POINTSSubmit
i am doing this today

130 - IMAGE. An angel made from feminine hygiene products - Rachel Shelby 31 POINTSSubmi

134 - IMAGE. You or your pet, in period costume, seated on a Game of Thrones-style kale throne. Make it so good that GOT producers would want it as a marketing poster. 62 POINTSSubmit
Ghost, nuf said *DONE*

137 - IMAGE. Lots of new Internet shorthand has evolved: “LOL,” “IMHO,” “OMFG” Come up with the meaning for the Internet abbreviation "IDGHP" and use it in social media. If you get it to catch on, extra points. 31 POINTSSubmit
#I Didn't Get Her Pregnant XD

148 - IMAGE. GISHWHES rock band album cover including one, some or all of your teammates. 25 POINTSSubmi
we can do one of like three of us together

152 - VIDEO. Make a children’s Pop-Up book about the CROATOAN Virus ending the world. 43 POINTSSubmit

154 - IMAGE. Sculpt John Barrowman’s head from duct tape. 41 POINTSSubmit
Ell is a duct tape artist

157 - IMAGE. Get photos of each of your team members printed on microfilm. 53 POINTSSubmit
theres a place not far from my work that might be able to do this.


13 - IMAGE. Time flies like a Wooster gone wild. There's someone in your life - an older family member or an older friend - that will someday be gone. There's something you used to do with them that you enjoyed or have been meaning to do with them, but never have. Do it now, before it's too late. 31 POINTSSubmit
Jae got this covered most likely

22 - VIDEO (20 seconds). Because of our subversive influence, most governments have declared GISHWHES to be a national security threat. Have a uniformed officer explain to a unit of servicemen how to neutralize a hostile GISHER. 26 POINTSSubmit
Jae might know a guy~

30 - VIDEO. Aisha Tyler is a formidable thumb wrestler. Get a WWE or WWF Wrestler (former or current) to publicly challenge her to a thumb war. Triple points if the match-up actually happens. -Jess Richardson 48 POINTSSubmit
Ell wants to attempt this

43 - IMAGE. Let's see a flattering mosaic of one of Misha’s crushes: Dilma Rousseff, Michelle Obama or Sarah Palin, on the window of an office-supply store. The mosaic is made from multi-colored Post-Its.38 POINTSSubmit
will attempt if we get time

75 - VIDEO. Create a magnificent piece of GISHWHES or Elopus-related art and have it displayed in a gallery art show. The video should show the gallery space, patrons attending the show and viewing the piece. It must be a real art gallery - not your living room attended by friends. - Shannon Vincent 57 POINTSSubmit
Ell's request

89 - VIDEO (20 seconds). Create an Oscar-worthy love scene between William Shatner and Larry King using creative editing of existing footage of each of them. 21 POINTSSubmit
I will attempt if internet access permits

100 - IMAGE. Provide visual evidence that unicorns really do fart rainbows. No photoshopping! - Jennifer Cates. 49 POINTSSubmi
MAYBE - if we can find/access a horse

117 - IMAGE (three edited side-by-side-by-side images). Collect fruit from a tree on from which the fruit hangs over a public sidewalk. Make jam from the fruit. Eat it. (Provide 3 photos edited into one image). 38 POINTSSubmit
If possible, we will do this

138 - VIDEO. It turns out that jellyfish will be big winners in global warming. Create a PSA to help the humans prepare for a future with jellyfish overlords. 23 POINTSSubmit
might give this a go

163 - VIDEO. A cheerleading team cheering for the employees of a car wash. 65 POINTSSubmi
This MIGHT be doable, but don't lock it in for sure with us

OK I think that covers us. this is TOO MANY to do in one week - if anyone else wants one of these, let us know.

Last edited by Hollow the Shameless on Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:55 am; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : List updated - 3/8)
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PostSubject: Re: Things I think Ell, Jae and I (with others) might be able to do   Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:55 am

Wait im a ducktape artisit o_O
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Commander Kale

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PostSubject: Re: Things I think Ell, Jae and I (with others) might be able to do   Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:40 pm

List edited~
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Oliver Hart


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PostSubject: Re: Things I think Ell, Jae and I (with others) might be able to do   Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:31 am

number 69 is a given <3
I'll start a topic to arrest everyone's attention and gather up some photos.
Not sure if it's something Kira could slap together, all we have is the paint program.
anyone have anything better?
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Commander Kale

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Age : 27
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PostSubject: Re: Things I think Ell, Jae and I (with others) might be able to do   Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:58 am

I've got a couple art programs - Photoshop, paint tool Sai, etc. I can do it. Or Novan and Krys also probably have a bunch of things we could use.
I'll be supplying my mugshot tonight~
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PostSubject: Re: Things I think Ell, Jae and I (with others) might be able to do   

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Things I think Ell, Jae and I (with others) might be able to do
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