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Wanted: Superheroes of all shapes and sizes to take down giant rampaging tentacle monsters - See Hollow for details
You are now among like-minded people who love avant-garde artistry, kindness, and have a strong dislike for normalcy. For the next couple of weeks, consider us all one family – albeit a highly dysfunctional family that has a weird fetish for kale and changing the world in unique ways. So remember to support your brothers and sisters, without forgetting that you’re going to whoop their butts in scavenging.
Sign ups close in 2 Weeks!!
Third rule when scavenging: wild boars are generally not amicable to warm oily “hoof-rubs.” When performing such an endeavor, ensure you are wearing the proper uniform and nipple guards.
We are sorry to announce that for the safety of all participants, this year is going to have to be a “no kidney bean/no ice-cream sherbet” event. While we are loath to remove any ice-cream-related product from anyone’s diet for an entire week, our lawyers insist that this is a necessary precaution given the current state of the zodiac. As we cannot monitor all participants for the entirety of the hunt, we request that you spy on one another on our behalf in order to insure compliance. Please report any infractions to
After much deliberation, we’ve decided that for this year’s Hunt, it will be permitted but only as long as it is “sketched in charcoal and presented with appropriate ceremony” prior to actually feeling it. Note that euphoria and joy are separate (though not dissimilar) feelings and that there are no restrictions on joy.
Collaboration with any of the following is strongly encouraged: imaginary friends, your teammates and their respective imaginary friends, enthusiastic pets, and everyone may collaborate with Bob. But only the Bob I’m thinking of.
Submission Secret Tip #5 – Make the judges laugh. We didn’t order all of these adult-diapers for nothing. Our Judges like granting points to people with a good sense of humor. One of them also enjoys creating sky-scraper models with coughed-up cat hairballs, but we digress.
Imagine if your entire world existed inside of your cheek. Be sure to have a maid clean the place up a bit before I drop by.
Advice - Be precise. Be creative. Be courageous. Be shameless. Be GISHWHES
After much deliberation, we’ve decided that for this year’s Hunt, it will be permitted but only as long as it is “sketched in charcoal and presented with appropriate ceremony” prior to actually feeling it. Note that euphoria and joy are separate (though not dissimilar) feelings and that there are no restrictions on joy.
This year, gishwhes is trying to clean up its image. Therefore, for the duration of the hunt, sideburns must be cut to no longer than 5 inches in length, all mustaches must be waxed with mustache wax and, of course, please keep the backs of your hands closely shaven and your right pinky fingernails painted blue. Also, the Executive Dental Undersecretary to the Surgeon General has advised us that during the hunt, participants floss thrice daily
Who has been storing their pistachios in my clothes hamper?
Commandment 7. Decency - This Hunt has no tolerance for either decency or self-respect. If you have either, leave them at the door. You will be reborn with a new sense of decency and respect we like to call, “Abnosomeness” (i.e. abnormally awesome.)
Kale. That is all.


 last minute stuff

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last minute stuff Empty
PostSubject: last minute stuff   last minute stuff EmptySat Aug 08, 2015 5:10 pm


2 - IMAGE or VIDEO. Do the one thing that you think, if everyone did it, would change the world for the better overnight. Caption the image or video with what you're doing.

8 - VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 20 seconds.) You and a friend must build and launch two dueling paper airplanes using only your mouths to build and launch them.

18 - IMAGE. Have at least 3 people in a domestic or office setting, completely camouflaged to match their background

19 - IMAGE. Have a tea party with a special needs child or pediatric cancer patient dressed as a character from "Alice in Wonderland." - Victoria Valencia

36 - IMAGE. Create a cocktail dress or tux out of flowers (you can use foliage, but at least 50% needs to be flowers). Photograph yourself in a contrasting "greenless" urban setting. - Olivia Desianti

42 - IMAGE. You've just received an invitation to the annual Color Me Pretty Construction Paper Gala. Design and wear an elegant gown consisting of only construction paper. You must be posed with a antique or hotrod car/motorcycle (that will take you to the Gala, of course) or in front of the Gala itself which takes place in the most stunning public building of your city.

49 - VIDEO. It's time to get some fresh air. Take your (at least) 3 pet robots out for a walk. You, of course, should be wearing your homemade Robot Leader Helmet.

51 - IMAGE. Death's funeral. - Jessica Mary Hicks

55 - VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 10 seconds.) Dressed in something celebratory, hug someone you love, motionless, in a very crowded location. You must hug them for 20 minutes without moving and time lapse it. Add your favorite score to the video.

58 - IMAGE or VIDEO. MARIANAS TRENCH ITEM. Order a sandwich at a deli consisting entirely of condiments. There can be no bread, no meat, and no veggies. Eat it at the counter.

65 - IMAGE. Find out what one of your parents (or an older relative) wanted to be when they were kids. Make it happen. - Khai

67 - VIDEO. FELICIA DAY ITEM. (Time lapse this down to 14 seconds.) Construct an iconic building over 2 feet high out of sugar cubes (or marshmallows) and then film melting it with some kind of liquid.

68 - VIDEO. Perform this EXACT choreography wearing similar wardrobe as the i farted  depicted here but with one of your pant-legs tucked into your sock: - Do your dance while a dog watches you.

83 - IMAGE. You know the saying, “No i farted  is an island.” Prove it wrong.

94 - VIDEO or IMAGE. @GISHBOT ITEM. (If you choose video, it may be up to 20 seconds but you can do an image as well.) A robot (Hitchbot) successfully hitchhiked across Canada, Germany and the Netherlands but then fell into the wrong hands in the US and was vandalized: We’ve discovered he was a distant relative of Gishbot’s (currently in mourning). In honor of Gishbot, let’s help his robot relative get back on his feet: reconstruct Hitchbot and treat him to a fun day or night on the town (roller-blading, boating, picnic in the park, dinner at a fine restaurant, opera, movie, nightclub dancing, etc.) and then send him off with a stranger (unless your friend is cosplaying as Hitchbot in which case take your friend acorns when you’re finished). You must tweet your video or image to @hitchBOT with @gishwhes and #hitchBOTreturns in the tweet BUT SUBMIT TO US THE IMAGE OR VIDEO, NOT AN IMAGE OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA POST.

95 - IMAGE. Show Kim Kardashian how to break the Internet.

97 - IMAGE. Yarnbomb something in your town that shouldn't be yarn bombed.

118 - IMAGE. Surprise owners or officials of a public park or building, school or orphanage with a dance-party clean-up crew. Bring music and friends and clean it up.

119 - IMAGE. Create the Impala or any iconic object from "Supernatural" out of compost scraps.

125 - IMAGE. Using kale found in your refrigerator or pantry, recreate a national landmark. You may not use gummi bears.

129 - IMAGE. Locker Love. Post messages of love or support on or in lockers of students that you think might need it.

152 - IMAGE. GENEVIEVE PADALECKI ITEM. Get Taylor Swift or any musician with over 5 million followers to publicly announce she/he loves supernatural.

160 - IMAGE. Let's see an ice, snow or sand sculpture of an SPN character.

162 - IMAGE. Commit a random act of kindness and have someone take a picture of what you're doing and caption it. Here are some examples: Tweet it to @RandomActsOrg if you wish but submit to us the image only.

180 - VIDEO. At least four people doing a harmonized round of tongue-twisters. - Kaitlin Losansky

183 - IMAGE. My grandmother lives in a retirement acorns called Roland Park Place in Baltimore, MD. Stop by between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM this week and find a way to give the residents a little boost. If you do not live near Baltimore, you can do this item at any retirement community anywhere in the world.

198 - VIDEO or IMAGE. Someone outside your immediate family sacrificed something so that you could be where you are today.  Find that person and give a heartfelt thank you by creating something for them or doing something for them. Caption the video with what they did for you.

199 - IMAGE. Translate your favorite slogan into legalese.

200 - IMAGE. Leave a review for gishwhes on Yelp or Google.
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last minute stuff
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