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Wanted: Superheroes of all shapes and sizes to take down giant rampaging tentacle monsters - See Hollow for details
You are now among like-minded people who love avant-garde artistry, kindness, and have a strong dislike for normalcy. For the next couple of weeks, consider us all one family – albeit a highly dysfunctional family that has a weird fetish for kale and changing the world in unique ways. So remember to support your brothers and sisters, without forgetting that you’re going to whoop their butts in scavenging.
Sign ups close in 2 Weeks!!
Third rule when scavenging: wild boars are generally not amicable to warm oily “hoof-rubs.” When performing such an endeavor, ensure you are wearing the proper uniform and nipple guards.
We are sorry to announce that for the safety of all participants, this year is going to have to be a “no kidney bean/no ice-cream sherbet” event. While we are loath to remove any ice-cream-related product from anyone’s diet for an entire week, our lawyers insist that this is a necessary precaution given the current state of the zodiac. As we cannot monitor all participants for the entirety of the hunt, we request that you spy on one another on our behalf in order to insure compliance. Please report any infractions to
After much deliberation, we’ve decided that for this year’s Hunt, it will be permitted but only as long as it is “sketched in charcoal and presented with appropriate ceremony” prior to actually feeling it. Note that euphoria and joy are separate (though not dissimilar) feelings and that there are no restrictions on joy.
Collaboration with any of the following is strongly encouraged: imaginary friends, your teammates and their respective imaginary friends, enthusiastic pets, and everyone may collaborate with Bob. But only the Bob I’m thinking of.
Submission Secret Tip #5 – Make the judges laugh. We didn’t order all of these adult-diapers for nothing. Our Judges like granting points to people with a good sense of humor. One of them also enjoys creating sky-scraper models with coughed-up cat hairballs, but we digress.
Imagine if your entire world existed inside of your cheek. Be sure to have a maid clean the place up a bit before I drop by.
Advice - Be precise. Be creative. Be courageous. Be shameless. Be GISHWHES
After much deliberation, we’ve decided that for this year’s Hunt, it will be permitted but only as long as it is “sketched in charcoal and presented with appropriate ceremony” prior to actually feeling it. Note that euphoria and joy are separate (though not dissimilar) feelings and that there are no restrictions on joy.
This year, gishwhes is trying to clean up its image. Therefore, for the duration of the hunt, sideburns must be cut to no longer than 5 inches in length, all mustaches must be waxed with mustache wax and, of course, please keep the backs of your hands closely shaven and your right pinky fingernails painted blue. Also, the Executive Dental Undersecretary to the Surgeon General has advised us that during the hunt, participants floss thrice daily
Who has been storing their pistachios in my clothes hamper?
Commandment 7. Decency - This Hunt has no tolerance for either decency or self-respect. If you have either, leave them at the door. You will be reborn with a new sense of decency and respect we like to call, “Abnosomeness” (i.e. abnormally awesome.)
Kale. That is all.


 puzzle items

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PostSubject: puzzle items   puzzle items EmptyMon Aug 03, 2015 2:02 am

Ok so theres a couple items on the list that are puzzles. So far I've tried my hand at two of them - number 33 (IMAGE. 1Io5DL6. You will be docked points if you upload an image without solving the puzzle) and number 184 (IMAGE. Matthew 14:22, and so did the best of you Don't submit unless you solve the puzzle or you will be docked points.)

I'm pretty sure I have solved item 33 - after following a series of QR codes and weeding through the various links (which included rickrolls, random past gishwhes things, a quiz, misha antics, looping page links and links that just say Nope or Sorry) I came across one that read "IMAGE. Make a nest and nest in it, dressed as a Russian Nesting Doll.Submit as two images side-by-side: 1) the image of your nesting-nesting doll, 2) and a fully funtional, hand-made QR code that links to the image of your nesting doll."


The second puzzle (number 184) im having a bit more trouble with. Here's what I got so far - maybe someone else can take it from here, coz I'm currently kinda stumped...

The first clue is "Matthew 14:22, and so did the best of you" - Matthew 14:22 is a bible verse relating to Jesus walking on water, and at the end of the clue is a link to the Hall of Fame from last years list - for which there was an item where you had to create the illusion you were walking on water. That lead me to this.

The second clue is "Thus spake the Captain, Matthew 13:31" - another reference to a bible verse, this one is called the parables of mustard seed and yeast. Using the keywords Captain and Mustard, I've concluded the clue is referring to another Hall of Fame image from last year - making Captain Jean-Luc Picard out of condiments (aka, mustard and sauce) which lead me to this.

The third clue is "The shortest verse will lead you to the longest clue." - assuming its another bible reference, the shortest verse in the bible is apparently "Jesus wept" which lead me here:

The fourth clue reads "" so once again the blank in the link must be filled - but the question here is WITH WHAT? The linked verse is from Judges 6, lines 1-12, however none of the possible variations on that create a working link when inserted in the blank space. I have tried several other key words/phrases from the verse, but so far had no success. I did think that maybe the specific chapter "Judges" was a reference to the actual Judges of Gishwhes, and that the number 6 was perhaps how many of their names were needed or something, but I've so far not been able to figure out the correct thing to input. Anyone else wanna give it a crack?
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puzzle items
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